Wasp Pest Control

ABC 24/7 Pest Control provide an expert local wasp pest control service throughout South Wales and have been specialising in wasp control for many years.

We control Wasps in domestic and commercial properties in Swansea Bridgend, Neath, Port Talbot, Llanelli and surrounding areas.

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Wasp Pest Control
Wasp Pest Control

Because we are local experts we can keep our prices low and we guarantee wasps or hornets nests are eradicated every time.

We operate seven days a week and have bookings available with convenient time slots.

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If wasps feel threatened, there is a very high risk they will sting you.

Wasps can be very annoying especially around food or drink in the summer time.

Wasps start to construct their nest from late April in any crack or crevice as long as there’s a void behind it.

Favourite wasp nest areas include the eaves of your house, the loft space, a shed or garage,  in a garden wall, tree or bush.

At the start of the wasp season there are only queen wasps, the queen mates the year before and makes her nest which is the size of a ping-pong ball, hung from a ceiling, there she lays her first clutch of eggs.

Hungry from her winter hibernation, she feeds from any early pollen or nectar if she’s timed it right, with no heavy rain or frosts.

The eggs hatch and new worker wasps (sterile females) do the job of building up the nest. The queen lays more eggs throughout the wasp nest season.

Wasps will continue to build their nest throughout the summer months and they can reach several thousand in a single nest.

Wasp nests can continue even up to December in the right conditions (although it’s unusual).

Still unsure if you have wasps or bees?

Wasps are very protective and will do their utmost to protect the queen and the nest, unlike bees, wasps will often sting for no reason.

Call us for advice on how we can help you with a Wasps nest at home or your business on 07525 756966

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