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ABC 24/7 Pest Control provide an expert local rat pest control service throughout South Wales and have been specialising in rat control for many years.

We control rats in domestic and commercial properties in the Swansea Bridgend Neath Port Talbot & Llanelli areas.

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A rat … not necessarily the one hanging out with Madonna.

ABC 24/7 Pest Control South Wales have seen rats in places unimaginable. Normally they are found in the loft of a home or outbuilding or running around in the garden. If they are in the loftspace they make quite a noise at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Rats need three things to survive in your property. Food, water and shelter. If your property has one or more of these that’s quite likely why they are there.

Other reasons why you may have a rat infestation are nearby building work, gaps or old pipe holes in your house (outside or underneath), ivy or trellis on the outside wall, cracked underground pipes – the list goes on.

Inspection of your property is vital to establish where the rats are harbouring. Places to check are the garden, outbuildings or sheds and your loft space. As well as possibly hearing noises in the loft when you are asleep (typically from 10 pm to 4 am), there are other clues.

Are you feeding the birds?

Does the feed disappear quickly?

Are there any burrows in the garden?

You may find rat droppings too. Rat droppings are ¼ to ½ inch in length and are of a capsule shaped, with blunt ends. They are usually a shiny black, but this may vary according to their diets. In a loft space they can be confused with the droppings of squirrels to the non-professional, as they are quite similar. Fresh droppings glisten when fresh which indicates recent rat ingress into buildings and alongside sheds and outbuildings.

An adult rat can weigh between 12 to 16 ounces with a body length of 6-8 inches, their nose is blunt and they have small ears and quite small eyes. Their fur is smooth with a variation of colours although usually brown, the tail is shorter than the head and body combined.

Rats live in burrows outdoors and they can take over rabbit warrens. The female can lay up to 60 young in her two year life span. Rats are nocturnal, if seen during the day it indicates there’s a lot of rats present and a shortage of food availability.

Rats will leave footprints in mud and this may indicate how many are present in each situation. Rats also drag their tails, leaving a whip-like mark between their feet tracks. Lightly sprinkled flour or unscented talc can help determine their tracks as they travel within suspected areas.

Rats continually gnaw to wear down their teeth as they continually grow, like human nails.  Rats gnaw on wood, but often cause damage by chewing electrical wiring. Rat burrows can be found along pathways and under sheds.

Indoors, rats like to enter the attic, particularly from autumn through to late spring.

ABC 24/7 Pest Control will be pleased to carry out a full inspection of your home or business and run through with you exactly what we need to do to achieve control and riddance of a rat infestation.

Interesting facts about Rats!

Rats have strong teeth – they are capable of exerting a pressure of 3,000 kilos per square inch ( enough to get through steel plate)
In theory, a single pair of breeding rats can produce over 600 young in a single year.

Rats are omnivorous creatures and will at nearly anything, they can also be cannibalistic to preserve themselves.

Call us for advice on how we can help you with a rat infestation at home or your business on 07525 756966 or on any of the numbers on the home page here.

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