Flea Pest Control

ABC 24/7 Pest Control provide an expert local Flea pest control service throughout South Wales and have been specialising in Flea control for many years. We control Fleas in domestic and commercial properties in the Swansea Bridgend Neath Port Talbot Llanelli and surrounding areas.

Letting Agents in all these areas use our services so we know our stuff when it comes to flea control. They trust us – and so can you !

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Flea Pest Control
Flea Pest Control
Flea Pest Control

If you thought that fleas were a thing of the past then think again. Fleas have returned and are now a problem all year round. Not so many years ago, flea removal enquiries came through to ABC 24/7 Pest Control pest control between August and October, over the past five years we have had calls for flea control all year around.

In summer time fleas spend their time outside in bushes and long grass and will hitch a lift on your cat or dog who then bring them indoors.

Most wild animals carry fleas, including birds and hedgehogs, which also forage in the same area as your pet outside. Once indoors, fleas become a problem and your home will need to be treated.

Most fleas do not live on your pet – they live within the skirting boards of your home, at the base of the carpet pile and under laminate or wood flooring. This offers fleas the best protection from prey, such as spiders – or your vacuum cleaner.

Some 70% of fleas in a given population live away from their host, however most people don’t vacuum the edges of the carpets with the attachment of the cleaner, and to be truthful even if you were to fleas excrete a glue-like substance on their eggs so removal is extremely difficult to achieve. However, vacuuming does help.

If you have bare floor boards fleas may breed on the ceiling below and crawl through the gaps above. Fleas also live and breed under laminate flooring too. Fleas that you find on your pet are female fleas that need protein from blood to lay yet more eggs.

Fleas are prolific egg layers and deposit hundreds over their lifetime per female.

Flea Pest ControlMost people that contact us for help have either already gone to the vets or tried an insecticide from the supermarket already, but it hasn’t worked. Why is this? There are several reasons including using the wrong insecticide (although the can of spray may have stated on the label ‘Flea Killer’), not using enough of it – we use an average of five litres of spray per household, or failure of control by just treating your pet and not the floor area.

Fleas have become immune to some chemicals you can buy, in any flea population their can be a natural resistance present to the chemical you may use.  If there is you will kill those with no resistance and those that survive will have total immunity from the product. In the UK this suggests over-use and being reliant on just one chemical for flea control.

Call us and we will tailor a treatment to your needs at a time to suit you. We’ll also run through what you need to do to prepare for the visit, such as clearing floors, vacuuming carpets, children and animal management for health and safety etc.  Houses that have floorboards may be excluded form our guarantee.

Flea Pest ControlFleas can live between 7 and 14 days. Female fleas will divide their time between living on your pet to feed and returning to your flooring to lay more eggs – and this happens every day. The larvae bury themselves into carpets and may lay dormant for several weeks. The larvae travel up and down carpet fibres eating organic matter such as dried flea droppings and microscopic animal material when the adults sense warmth and vibration they will jump onto your pet (or you) and start the cycle over again.

The most obvious sign of fleas will be that your pet is continuously scratching. You should also be able to see them in the fur of your pet.

Fleas are dark brown in colour and are approximately 1–2 mm long. You may also find tiny black specks of flea dirt on your pet just under their fur. The height of the summer is when fleas are most rife, however they can be nearly as bad at other times of the year if you have a warm central heated home.

Call us for advice on how we can help you with a Flea infestation at home or your business on 07525 756966

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